Guitar Improvising
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Fret Board Freedom...

After all is said and done, those that become master
improvisers have achieved "fret board freedom"

How do you get the freedom on the guitar that the
masters have?
Wasting time practicing things that don't help is the
biggest setback. It is harder reversing bad habits than
learning the right way the first time.

While scales and arpeggios are important for
understanding the structure or theory of chords they are a
waste of time if you practice them too much.

You must practice melodies, lines, licks, and phrases
that you will eventually use to improvise with.

These melodies or licks, whatever you want to call them,
must be in your head and at your fingertips so that you
grow musically.

Over time you will alter and rearrange the licks and they
will become your licks. You will learn the neck of the
guitar in the fastest way possible and become a
proficient improviser.

Enter The World Of Improvising
Where To Begin
This website is the idea of Warner Brothers
author Lucky Elden in partnership with The below book is
recommended for intermediate and advanced
Jazz Guitar Lines...
Now published by Alfred Publishing comes with
an audio CD of Lucky Elden playing the lines
individually and then demonstrating how to link
the lines together to form long melodic phrases
. These lines have been used by rock players,
fusion players, and jazz players all over the
world. Written in both notation and guitar tab,
this will become a reference source you will use
for many years.